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Is There Still a Place for Value-Add in a Post-Pandemic Landscape?

Article by:  Valeria Falcone This creates a unique opportunity not only to exit value-add assets by selling into a core market — let us not for-get that a flight to quality can only happen if there are enough assets to meet demand — but also a buying opportunity for those adopting this strategy. Read the…read more

Where SFR Underwriting Differs From Multifamily

Article by:  Katherine Sayre Underwriting a build-to-rent property is not much different than underwriting an apartment asset. Many of the costs, expenses and vacancy trends are similar—but there are a handful of disparities. Read the full article: Kris Oxtal, MAI at Capright shares his insights, “While underwriting for BFR properties overall trend in line…read more

Guests Are Back. Hotels Are Not.

Article by:  Katherine Sayre Shortages are making it harder for the hospitality industry; waiting for Champagne flutes. Read the full article:

Brave New World?

After two years in the world of Zoom, Capright’s Steve Williams lists five takeaways from his recent foray back to in-person real estate conferencing: The benefit and sheer joy of face-to-face interaction is inestimable. While tech is shiny, all that glitters is not gold. Our COVID journey reminds us not to leave decision-making solely to…read more

Property Investors Swap Office Blocks for Data Centers

Article by:  Carol Ryan Real-estate investors are pulling cash out of offices and putting it into data centers as a hedge against the impact of remote working. But data centers have their own problems with oversupply and demanding tenants. Read the full article: