Capright is your go-to resource for market intelligence in Latin America.


We are the leading provider of independent real estate information, valuation services, and consulting throughout Latin America. With powerful proprietary analysis tools and investment surveys, we provide a significant competitive advantage to our clients in markets lacking transparency. Capright’s Latin America Group offers real estate valuations that are independent and conflict-free, tailored to your needs. Our valuations adhere to the International Valuation Standards (IVS) as well as the specific requirements of various government institutions, such as the Appraisal Institute™ and The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors™. Moving beyond the historical standard of cost-based valuations, we have pioneered property valuation based on property yields in the region. Our unique financial models integrate local real estate customs, tax laws, and contributions from the capital market. In addition to valuation services, we also offer financial analysis and research, construction cost analysis, feasibility studies, and a variety of specialized consulting options.