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Office-To-Life Sciences Conversions On The Rise Despite Hurdles

Article by:  Joseph Gordon Converting office buildings to life sciences is expensive and difficult. But investors in the Bay Area are warming up to these deals anyway as the battle to meet tenant demand reaches fever pitch. Read the full article:

Office Usage Is Up, But What About Vacancy?

Article by:  Lynn Pollack Vacancy rates are still ticking up in New York and San Francisco despite a recovery in utilization rates. Read the full article:

Multifamily Investors Primed To Pay A Premium

Article by:  Lynn Pollack But while rents ticked up by 14% last year, rent growth increased even more. Multifamily rent growth has clocked in above the long-term average for the last half-decade, except for during COVID-19 lockdowns. Meanwhile, the average price per unit climbed 21.6 percent in 2021, the biggest one-year jump in recent memory.…read more

Mixed-Use Properties May Help Solve Retail and Office Challenges

Article by:  Erik Sherman While industrial and multifamily sectors quickly soared after the onset of the pandemic, not all did. Office was hurt and is still limping. Certain types of retail held its own, like those anchored by a grocery store; many didn’t. But reports about the two different sectors come to the same conclusion:…read more

Capital Continues to Flood the Self-Storage Sector

Article by:  Paul Bergeron The self-storage sector has shown to be an extremely recession resilient asset class, along with seeing unprecedented growth since the onset of the pandemic. Read the full article: