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How Office Use Is Evolving the Urban Core

Article by:  Kelsi Maree Borland The pandemic has catalyzed an undeniable change in office use, but many companies still have questions and uncertainties about how these changes will take shape and how to plan workplace strategy for the future. Urban centers have, perhaps, been the most disrupted by these changes, with the majority of office…read more

What Inflation May Mean for CRE Values

Article by:  Lynn Pollack History says CRE is resilient in this environment, but we are in unprecedented times. Read the full article:

Leveraging the ODCE Index to Understand Real Estate Valuations

Article by:  Propmodo Studio The ODCE Index measures how the core real estate market, made up of the office, multifamily, retail, and industrial sectors, is performing on average. The index measures the historical and current returns of 38 open-end real estate equity funds, meaning investors can enter or exit the funds at any time. All…read more

Hospital Expansions Surge, MOB Transaction Volume Doubles

Article by:  Dees Stribling As the population grays, with older Americans projected to outnumber children in 2035, according to the Census Bureau, hospital systems are looking to build and investors are looking to get a piece of the action by buying medical office buildings — a sector that saw acquisition volume more than double year-over-year. Read the…read more

Non-Traded REITs Continue to Grab Record Capital Inflows

Article by:  Beth Mattson-Teig The non-traded REIT sector is on a blistering pace of fundraising. Capital inflows hit a record high of $36.5 billion last year, which is more than triple the $10.9 billion in capital raised in 2020. Read the full article:

The Glut Of U.S. Retail Space Is Slowly Getting Chipped Away

Article by:  Miriam Hall The amount of retail space per person in the United States has fallen to where it was roughly two decades ago, a sign of a stabilizing market as malls around the country are knocked down or redeveloped into other uses. Read the full article: