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Demand For Office Space Stalls After 6 Months Of Growth

Article by:  Dees Stribling Demand for office space nationwide ticked downward in July, possibly due to concern over the rapid spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus. Read the full article:

Green Leases Begin to Move into the Mainstream

Article by:  Kelsi Maree Borland The acceleration of ESG programs is penetrating the commercial real estate industry, and it is fueling an increase in green leases. Read the full article:

Office Building Terraces Bloom During COVID

Article by:  David M. Levitt New York developers are hedging their bets on outdoor spaces — yes, even in winter — continuing a long trend. Read the full article:

House Rents Pop Up as New Investors Pile In

Article by:  Will Parker Sharp rise partly reflects increasing demand from people who can’t afford to buy homes, pandemic-driven newcomers. Read the full article:

What’s Behind Apartment Rents’ Meteoric Rise And Will It Last

Article by:  Lynn Pollack As supply shrinks and prices soar, more and more relatively high-income households are unable to find for-sale housing that meets their needs and preferences. These households therefore remain in the rental market, where they put additional pressure on affordability. Read the full article:

Delta, Hiring Frustrations, Supply Chain Crisis Have Economic Recovery Stuck In Reverse

Article by:  Matthew Rothstein The three factors adversely affecting the economy are the delta variant-driven spike in coronavirus cases in the U.S. and internationally, deepening supply chain delays and an inability of companies across industries to fill open positions needed to support consumer demand. Read the full article: