Forever renters? Nearly 20 percent of Millennials not interested in owning a home

February 26, 2021

Article by:  Dan Rafter Are Millennials turning away from the traditional American dream of owning a home? Not entirely. But a recent report from Apartment List shows that these younger adults aren’t quite as excited about owning a home as were the members of previous generations. Read the full article:

Built-to-suits built for speed: New trends in the market

February 26, 2021

Article by:  Matt Baker Location always has been, and likely always will be, the primary determinant when a company expands their operations and builds a new property. But there are other factors at play, especially when it comes to build-to-suit industrial assets. One top priority that has emerged of late is speed to market. Especially…read more

Brookfield Brings School Into Empty Mall Space: A Trend?

February 25, 2021

Article by:  Maurie Backman Classrooms are only one option for malls with vacancies on their hands. Some malls are increasingly welcoming medical offices and turning empty space into micro fulfillment centers. Including schools in that mix is another way for malls to diversify, and in the coming years, that could be the key to their…read more

Most Multifamily Investors Are Targeting Smaller Metros Now

February 24, 2021

Article by:  Kelsi Maree Borland  Investors are following renter migration patterns outside of the big cities with non-major metros receiving the highest investment activity on record last year. Read the full article:

These Were The Largest Property Markets Worldwide in 2020

February 19, 2021

Article by:  Tom Leahy Just one of the top 15 most active global commercial real estate markets recorded an increase in sales volume in 2020 versus 2019. For the rest, the picture was one of falling transaction activity as the Covid-19 pandemic hampered dealmaking and soured the outlook for some commercial property types. Read the…read more