Bid-Ask Gap Stymies Multi-Family Trading

May 30, 2020

Article by:  Real Estate Alert Continued uncertainty about the duration and long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on multi-family properties is causing a disconnect between the pricing expectations of potential buyers and sellers. Read the full article:

COVID-19 Can’t Slow Dollar General’s Expansion

May 29, 2020

Article by:  Mike Troy Undeterred by COVID-19, Dollar General managed to open 250 stores during a first quarter period that also saw same store sales surge 21.7%. Read the full article:

Yes, Everyone Still Wants That Shiny New Office

May 28, 2020

Article by:  Steve Cuozzo Six million square feet of expensive, newly-minted and as-yet unleased office space coming to market in the midst of one of New York City’s most catastrophic times might sound like too big a pill to swallow. Read the full article:

Cushman & Wakefield Research Predicts New Normal for Workplace

May 28, 2020

Article by:  Andrea Zander Cushman & Wakefield recently analyzed responses from more than 40,000 individuals globally in the largest known survey conducted on work-from-home experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing insight into how employees are coping and what the new normal will look like as offices reopen. Read the full article:

The Influence of COVID-19 on Travel Plans and Accommodation Types

May 20, 2020

Article by:  STR “As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the world of travel, we investigated the impact on accommodation choices among international travelers. This piece builds on our analysis of propensity to travel in key English-speaking countries, in which we learned that desire for travel has declined but remains strong overall. ” Read the full article: …read more

Covid-19: 9 Changes We Predict for Office Space Rentals

May 20, 2020

Article by:  Rosie Trussler “Based on conversations our team have had with many of our landlords and tenants in the last few weeks, we have listed 9 changes that we predict businesses will consider when choosing an office.” Read the full article:

Loaded With Cash, Real Estate Buyers Wait for Sellers to Crack

May 19, 2020

Article by:  John Gittelsohn and Jack Sidders The world’s biggest real estate investors are sitting on piles of cash, preparing for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities created by the pandemic. Read the full article: