David Herbert, a Senior Associate at Capright, currently assists senior Capright staff with appraisal projects within the US.

Mr. Herbert has been active in the financial community since 1982. He had been the Director of Strategic Planning for a multinational financial services firm where he developed economic models used in cash flow forecasting, asset allocation and merger and acquisition valuation.

In 1989, Mr. Herbert left the corporate world to explore new challenges as a Special Agent with the FBI. There, he specialized in the investigation and prosecution of white collar crimes including public corruption, securities manipulation and mortgage fraud. Mr. Herbert was trained as a crisis negotiator and achieved a perfect record when deployed worldwide during hostage situations.  He has also testified in court and before legislative bodies as an expert on subjects as diverse as federal banking regulations, white collar crime trends, civil rights investigations and corporate espionage.  After retiring from the FBI, Mr. Herbert spent two years as consultant to the Department of Justice as a Litigation Financial Analyst where he specialized in the financial aspects of complex money laundering cases.