Julia Ticus, a Senior Associate with Capright, currently assists senior Capright staff with research, financial analysis and valuation of commercial real estate assets within the United States. These assignments consist of various property types including office, industrial, retail and multifamily assets owned by institutional investors.

Ms. Ticus researches and analyzes property-specific information, conducts market research, creates cash flow projections with financial modeling software and assists with the written composition of appraisal reports. The primary purpose of these assignments varies from client to client; however, they are typically for financial reporting, asset management and portfolio monitoring and for loan monitoring purposes. Her assignments have been prepared for a wide range of clients including real estate investment trusts, national and regional financial institutions, pension funds and pension fund advisors.

Prior to joining Capright, Ms. Ticus was employed by WinterWyman where she was responsible for industry research and reporting in Boston and New York’s finance and accounting markets. Additionally, she has experience in property management and real estate accounting as an employee for J & J Management, a real estate management and development firm based in Chicago.  Ms. Ticus majored in Molecular Biology with a minor in German Studies at Pomona College.