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The Road to Recovery? It’s Going to be a Long One for Hotel Industry

July 15, 2021

Article by:  Dan Rafter According to the report, 21 of the top 25 U.S. hotel markets remain in a depression or recession. The report also says that urban hotels remain in what the American Hotel & Lodging Association calls a depression cycle while the overall U.S. hotel industry remains in what it refers to as…read more

What Happens to Fixed Rental Rate Increases in an Inflationary Market?

July 14, 2021

Article by:  Juan Vega We may see lenders dictating a change in the way landlords design their rent increases, and at the least, expect to see more re-trades as underwriters factor in “real return,” or how the prevailing inflation rate impacts the asset’s ROI. Read the full article:

Institutional Investors Focus On Gateway Markets As Pandemic Wanes

July 14, 2021

Article by:  Lynn Pollack Institutional investors flocked to specialized asset classes during the pandemic – particularly sectors like data centers, cold storage, life science, and medical office space. Read the full article:

Q2 2021 Preliminary Trend Announcement

July 13, 2021

Article by:  Thomas Lasalvia  Preliminary trends show that the national level multifamily recovery has accelerated through the second quarter of 2021. Read the full article:

Deal Volume Is Up, But Market ‘Nowhere Near Normal’

July 12, 2021

Article by:  Lynn Pollack The number of loans on lenders’ watchlist “shows the continuing uncertainty and the tenterhooks that the market hangs on when looking at the future performance of CRE properties.” Read the full article:

Shopping-Mall Giants Back Expanded Delivery-Only ‘Ghost Kitchens’ in Food Courts

July 12, 2021

Article by:  Sami Sparber and Esther Fung As the U.S. hospitality industry rebounds from pandemic closures, former hotelier Sam Nazarian is moving into the food-hall business, marrying the traditional dine-in model with delivery-only “ghost kitchens” in hopes of solving revenue problems that have long plagued retail and food spaces. Read the full article:

Besides Materials Costs, Labor Shortages Are Also Hindering Construction

July 9, 2021

Article by:  Les Shaver As businesses are opening back up, they’re running into a problem. It isn’t easy to find labor. While politicians, business executives and policymakers can debate root causes, it’s becoming a more significant issue. Read the full article:

Data Centers a Ripe Opportunity for Investors Seeking Higher Returns

July 9, 2021

Article by:  Jennifer Babcock  The exponential increase in appetite for data worldwide creates an opportunity for investors to achieve opportunistic returns by owning and operating data centers in Asia, while helping to build out sustainable infrastructure, if they can navigate the regulatory differences in the various markets. Read the full article: