Jules “Jay” Marling, CEO, Managing Principal, and Founder of Capright, has been active in the commercial real estate industry since 1993.

To date, Mr. Marling has personally completed or supervised valuation assignments encompassing more than 30,000 institutional assets throughout the United States. These assignments, which involve virtually all types of commercial real estate, have been prepared for institutional clients including pension funds, trusts, corporations, lenders, and legal counsel.

Mr. Marling also oversees several large valuation and consulting engagements throughout Latin America. Fluent in Portuguese and conversational in Spanish, Mr. Marling and his team of multi-lingual/multi-cultural experts have pioneered the modern valuation process and IVS/IFRS compliance for real estate funds with assets in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. Building on this experience, Mr. Marling founded SiiLA™ in 2015, which is now the largest commercial real estate data platform in Latin America.

In addition to his valuation experience, Mr. Marling has provided clients with consulting expertise in the following areas: due diligence, feasibility, property tax appeal, condominium conversion, re-development planning, and litigation support. He is also the author of numerous white papers and articles in real estate industry publications. Mr. Marling has also developed numerous technology applications including Mango REIX™, a leading data curation and compliance platform that has enabled the creation of new investment vehicles for commercial real estate.