Results:  2019 REALizing Returns University Race

February 18, 2020

All the data has been received, and the results are ready!

Let’s start with the 2019 Total Return Portfolio Grand Prize Winner –  The University of South Alabama. They managed to do it with a heavy allocation to Industrial on both the REIT and private equity side. Their portfolio produced a 39.10% return for 2019 – far exceeding the aggregate RRUR benchmark at 24.40%.

Congrats to The University of South Alabama  – 2019 RRUR Champs!

Our runners-up deserve honorable mention! Congratulations to Stanford University for a 2nd place finish and The University of San Diego for finishing in 3rd place.

There are still other winners taking home 4th quarter prizes:

  • 4th Qtr Top Public Sector Return – Indiana University at 4.37% – REIT returns were slow, but they picked the ones that weren’t.
  • 4th Qtr Top Private Sector Return – Monmouth University at 5.01% – All in on Industrial Private Equity worked.
Great job to both Universities.

The REALizing Returns University Race investment competition provides an interactive allocation tool for teams to invest $1 billion in a variety of real estate investments directly linked to well-known industry benchmarks. RRUR was created for Universities and students to pursue a distinctive approach to education on the benefits of commercial real estate by creating portfolios through a variety of industry options including private equity, REITs, and public or private debt all while pursuing the possibility of winning cash prizes for their University program.