Anticipated Recession Drives 2023 US CMBS Delinquency Forecast Higher

diciembre 9, 2022

Article by:  Fitch Ratings Fitch Ratings projects its U.S. CMBS loan delinquency rate will increase significantly to between 4.0% and 4.5% by YE 2023 from 1.89% as of October 2022, as higher interest rates, persistent inflation and weak economic growth contribute to more maturity defaults. Fitch expects the U.S. economy to enter a mild recession…read more

Capitalizing on Data Center Demand

diciembre 8, 2022

Article by:  Mard Naman Investor interest in data centers grew rapidly during the pandemic, as social media use, work-from-home and cloud computing amped up usage and demand. The pandemic has waned, but data center demand has not — and the upwards trajectory of the data storage needed in the new economy continues to boost investor…read more

With Industrial Pricing Remaining Tight, Investors Look to Cold Storage, Truck Yards and Other Subcategories

diciembre 7, 2022

Article by:  Denise Moose Industrial outdoor storage, because it is still an emerging asset class, is out of sync with the current economic cycle, creating more movement and opportunity in the market. This will allow well-funded alternative industrial players to move quickly and capitalize on oversized returns in a depressed economic environment. Read the full…read more

How Strip Centers Are Staying Relevant

diciembre 7, 2022

Article by:  Anda Rosu Shopping malls expanded their offerings to include more gyms, entertainment spaces and theme parks, but other types of retail spaces are also undergoing significant changes. Read the full article:  https://bit.ly/3utYNpx

How a Looming Recession Impacts CRE Deals

diciembre 6, 2022

Article by:  Gail Kalinoski Transactions are down as investors grapple with higher debt costs and increasing uncertainty. But opportunities are still to be found. Read the full article:  https://bit.ly/3F770ER

Office Sector Braces Ahead for New Challenges

diciembre 5, 2022

Article by:   Corina Stef Rising interest rates are putting further pressure on the new-supply pipeline and transaction deal flow. Read the full article:  https://bit.ly/3XSfvfL