Waiting for the Thaw in CRE Deal Flow

marzo 13, 2023

Article by:  Farhan Kabani The industry seems to have arrived at a consensus: Opportunities are available for those willing to search for them, and that search may be getting a little bit easier. Read the full article:  http://bit.ly/403neYx

How Hybrid Work Is Changing Offices of the Future

marzo 10, 2023

Article by:  Ray A. Smith Architects and real-estate developers are pioneering concepts to entice workers who will permanently split their time between home and office. Here are the innovations you’ll see in coming years. Read the full article:  http://bit.ly/3YwBFTO

What ESG Means for Real Estate Investors

marzo 9, 2023

Article by:  Karthik Balakrishnan Real estate investors face dual imperatives: to produce returns and to advance the low-carbon transition. Read the full article:  http://bit.ly/3ypgDf1

20% of Bank’s Office CMBS Loans in Danger of Default

marzo 8, 2023

Article by:  Jack Rogers M&T Banks says it is conducting “stress tests” on the debt-service ratio of CMBS loans that make up its $5B office portfolio, disclosing that 20% of its office loans are criticized—banking jargon for in distress, potentially in default. Read the full article:  http://bit.ly/3L6Jts7

Top 10 Emerging Multifamily Markets

marzo 8, 2023

Article by:  Anca Gagiuc Gateway markets, badly hit by out-migration during the peak of the pandemic, are rebounding, boosted by limited supply, increased return to the office and resurgent immigration. Read the full article:  http://bit.ly/3IXxFWx