[two_third] Taylor Kendzora, Senior Associate with Capright, has extensive experience in the appraisal of industrial, office, retail, and multi-family assets across the US. Mr. Kendzora also has experience in the appraisal of regional and national portfolios and has performed portfolio premium analyses in conjunction with many of these assignments. The majority of these appraisals have been completed for financial reporting, asset management and portfolio monitoring, and acquisition due diligence. During his employment with Capright, he has served a wide range of clients including pension funds, pension fund advisors, investment advisors, and national and regional financial institutions. Mr. Kendzora is also the author of an article entitled The Impact of WeWork on Property Value.

Prior to joining Capright, Mr. Kendzora was employed by RPC Financial in San Diego, California.  As an Account Executive, he conducted market research, property sales comparisons, and property tax analysis. Additionally, he has worked in academia serving as a secondary author and editor of a textbook entitled English for Sports Specific Purposes. Mr. Kendzora majored in Linguistics with a minor in Anthropology at San Diego State University.

[accordion open=”2″] [accordion_item title=”Education”]San Diego State University | San Diego, California
• BA – Linguistics
• Minor – Anthropology [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Affiliations”]Appraisal Institute
• Practicing Affiliate
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Contact Information

[hr style=”1″ margin=”5px 0px 5px 0px”] 3111 Camino Del Rio North
Suite 740
San Diego, CA 92108
T: (949) 842-7235

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