[two_third]David Newton, an Associate with Capright, currently assists senior Capright staff with rent comparability projects within the US.

Prior to joining Capright, Mr. Newton was a Naval Aviator in the Marines. Subsequently for 20 plus years, he held leadership positions at various manufacturing companies and in licensed property insurance adjustment in Pennsylvania. Mr. Newton has recently held positons as an analyst with Global Real Estate and Axiom Real Estate respectfully, firms that specialize in Appraisals and Rent Comparability Studies. Mr. Newton earned a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in statistics from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.
[accordion open=”2″] [accordion_item title=”Education”]Clarion University of Pennsylvania | Clarion, Pennsylvania
• BS – Concentration in Statistics [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Affiliations”]Green Belt Six Sigma


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Contact Information

[hr style=”1″ margin=”5px 0px 5px 0px”] 201 E. Kennedy Boulevard
Suite 800
Tampa, FL 33602

T: (813) 748-4066
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