Space Utilization – Top 10 in 20 (with Tomáš Ctibor, CRE)

diciembre 2, 2020

Podcast by:  The Counselors of Real Estate Many new ideas, solutions, and procedures have been born through the COVID-19 pandemic and will remain a part of our lives even after the pandemic subsides. For that reason, this period will create significant short and medium-term opportunities to monetize, a phoenix rising from the ashes of failed…read more

The Market for Distressed Assets Is Only Beginning

diciembre 2, 2020

Article by: Kelsi Maree Borland This new wave of COVID-19 cases and new stay-at-home orders are only putting more pressure on businesses and solidifying what will become a thriving investment industry. Read the full article:

Top 10 Most Active US Markets Since 2009

diciembre 1, 2020

Article by: Real Capital Analytics  Check out the reshuffling in the ranks of top US markets. Read the full article:

Where the Hub and Spoke Office Model Might Falter

noviembre 27, 2020

Article by:  Les Shaver There is a certain status attached to working in a headquarters building in a large metropolitan area in some sectors. Read the full article:

As Occupancy Dwindles, College Dorms Go Beyond Students

noviembre 27, 2020

Article by: Debra Kamin Real estate developers are seeking opportunities to buy student housing from strapped universities and convert them into apartments for white-collar workers. Read the full article:

Net Lease’s Recovery Looks Real

noviembre 25, 2020

Article by:  Les Shaver The increase in deals shows that investors may have more comfort with the economy. Read the full article:

Seniors Housing Cap Rates On The Rise

noviembre 25, 2020

Article by:  Les Shaver Year-to-date investment in the sector plummeted 48% in the industry. Read the full article: