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Commercial real estate valuations are a necessary function of the real estate market. They impact investment decisions, transactions, financing, and other economic circumstances. Precise and trustworthy valuations are fundamental when it comes to ensuring equitable business practices and helping to inform decision-making.

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Who We Are

Capright professionals include those with MAI (Appraisal Institute), ASA (American Society of Appraisers), FRICS and MRICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), and CRE® (Counselors of Real Estate) designations.

Our team is capable of delivering IVS and USPAP-compliant real estate appraisals throughout the major markets of the US and Latin America.

Capright professionals have years of experience with portfolio valuation, debt valuation, asset valuation, and more. Valuations are tailored to meet all regulatory and client-specific requirements.

How We Help With Valuation

Property types we evaluate include hotels, apartment buildings, condominiums, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial sites, and land for sale. The professionals of Capright have extensive experience with the valuation of all types of commercial real estate and tangible assets.

Our valuations are used for a variety of purposes including financial reporting, asset management, collateral financing, strategic planning, estate planning, bankruptcy, property tax appeals, litigation support, and purchase price allocation. If you need to know the true market value of a property, then Capright is here for you.


Our Valuation Methods

A property’s value can be calculated in a variety of ways, but all commercial real estate valuation approaches are built on a data foundation. Some of the valuation methods we use include the cost, market, and income approaches.



Cost Approach

The cost approach equates the property value to the cost of constructing a replica while considering depreciation. We usually use this approach to evaluate new and/or unique property types.


Market Approach

The market approach speculates that a property is worth what properties with similar features have sold for. Features and the cost associated with them such as size, floor plan, size, and the neighboring area are considered in this approach.

Income Approach


Income Approach

The income approach evaluates a property based on the income that a property could generate over a set period of time. Property types such as shopping centers, office buildings, and apartment complexes are often evaluated using this approach.

This is not an extensive list of our strategies, but a few good examples of how Capright approaches valuation. We apply different tools based on how applicable they are to the property and situation at hand. Capright’s valuations are backed by our expertise in commercial real estate. We have gained this professional insight over years of experience across numerous business sectors.