From Mall to Life Science: A Rising Trend

November 18, 2020

Article by:   Corina Stef Demand for life science and biotechnology office space is on the rise as the sector buckled down to lead the race for a coronavirus vaccine. Read the full article:

Record GDP Growth Masks Core Weakness — and One Surprising Upside

November 17, 2020

Article by:  Andrew Nelson The record growth, which still leaves us short of pre-pandemic output, was fueled by a massive, unprecedented level of government stimulus — support that is now largely disappearing. Read the full article:

Smaller Is Big in New E-Commerce Warehouses

November 16, 2020

Article by:   Jennifer Smith An intricate dance by robots turns tight urban spaces into ‘microfulfillment’ centers for online orders. Read the full article:

The Real Opportunity In The Redevelopment Of American Malls

November 16, 2020

Article by:  Michael J. Polk These structures need a full-body makeover — and quickly, if they are to become more than giant eyesores. There have been proposals among the commercial real estate reuse crowd: These buildings could be turned into hospitals, housing for the homeless or schools. Read the full article:

Healthcare’s Shifting Operational Standards

November 13, 2020

Article by:  Ingrid Tunberg Medical real estate developer, Simone Health examines how healthcare’s evolving ideals affect hospital construction. Read the full article:

Net Lease Sales Velocity Hits Pandemic High

November 12, 2020

Article by:  Les Shaver Total STNL sales rose 20% by 66 transactions between August and September, jumping from 328 to 394. Read the full article: