Using Alternative Data for Property Valuation Models Post COVID-19

July 23, 2020

Article by:  Samantha Brown Pauline Hale gave examples of some important alternative data that should be taken into consideration when calculating the value of a property, including public markets. “Although they don’t directly correlate due to issues like investment horizon, liquidity, and the fact that REIT shares represent the value of not only the real…read more

CBRE Forecasts a Strong Recovery for U.S. Hotels in 2021 and 2022

July 21, 2020

Article by:  Andrea Zander For the time being, the industry appears to be past the worst fallout from the crisis. We think the current flare-up will be contained without too much damage to the economy, but the downside risks are rising. Either way, it will take a further 36 months for the sector to return…read more

Loss Aversion and Consequences for Liquidity

July 20, 2020

Article by:  Tom Leahy At this time of market dislocation – when deal flow is down substantially and assets may be forced onto the market, either because of breached covenants or liquidity requirements – we have looked at how far prices would have to fall in the major global markets for owners to see their gains wiped out. Read…read more

The Economy Beyond the Tipping Point: Crisis and Opportunity for Renewal

July 17, 2020

Article by:  Hugh Kelly As we reach the half-way point in calendar year 2020, real estate is facing a triple threat across the United States. We are in a public health emergency, an economic contraction of historic proportions, and a suddenly explosive condition of civil unrest. Read the full article:

Blackstone Pulls the Plug on CMBS Fund

July 16, 2020

Article by:  Erika Morphy CMBS is showing signs of deep strain with $21 billion of these loans transferred to special servicing since mid-March. Read the full article:

JLL Says Offices Aren’t Going Anywhere

July 14, 2020

Article by:  Lisa Brown The JLL survey found that 58% of office workers missed the office, with those 35 and younger showing a stronger desire to return. Read the full article:

COVID-19 and Real Estate: What Can We Anticipate?

July 14, 2020

Article by: Noah D. Shlaes, CRE, and David J. Lynn, Ph.D., CRE To think about COVID’s impact, we consider three sets of data: (1) measures and models of the illness and its progress, (2) the real estate supply, and (3) a look at history.  This last is essential because extrapolation from recent trends is not particularly…read more