CRE Lending Markets Are Starting to Move Again

November 24, 2020

Article by:  Les Shaver Alternative lenders, which did minimal lending in Q2, closed a variety of multifamily and retail bridge and construction deals during Q3 2020. Read the full article:

What Future Office Spaces Can Learn From Retail’s Omnichannel Evolution

November 24, 2020

Article by:  Joe Brady Where retail transformed from brick-and-mortar businesses to online to omnichannel, a similar trend is happening as office spaces are adapting from a core office to a hub-and-spoke workspace experience with dispersed physical spaces. Read the full article:

Life Sciences Gains Fans in the Investor Community

November 20, 2020

Article by:  Les Shaver While investor interest is fed by the chase for a vaccine, the problems in hotel, retail, and even office also play into life sciences’ strength. Read the full article:

Situations Where Ground Leases Work

November 20, 2020

Article by:  Les Shaver While hospitality and retail are good candidates today, the structure can work well for long-term holders in other asset classes. Read the full article:

Industrial Remains 2020’s Top Performer

November 19, 2020

Article by:  Les Shaver Buoyed by continuing strength in e-commerce, the warehouse/distribution vacancy rate was unchanged in the Q3. Read the full article:

Eyes on Life Sciences Sector Amid Covid, Market Reshaping

November 19, 2020

Article by:  Tom Leahy  However investors access the sector, through equity or debt, construction or acquisition, there is clearly positive momentum towards any involvement in the life sciences and we expect to see more capital targeted at this niche sector over the medium- to long-term. Read the full article:

The Evolution of Valuing Single-Family Rental Homes

November 18, 2020

Published by:  Altus Group The challenge of valuing SFR homes in the new decade is to keep current with, and reflect, the actions of real estate market participants. Read the full white paper: